Juicing for Energy and Stamina

Are you considering juicing for energy and stamina? Energy Drinks is the latest craze but are they good for you? Many teenagers and young adults tend to drink caffeinated drinks to boost their level of energy and to stay alert. The Market is flooded with different brands and products that boast their instant and sure effect in making your stamina soar. How are these drinks compared to the health benefits of juicing? Are these products good for everyone? are they really healthy and benefit the body in the long run.


Do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock several times every morning and wish you could sleep one hour more? Do you yawn throughout the day, have headaches, and feel tired all the time? Do you feel when the working day ends that you have no energy to do anything other than devour dinner and spend the rest of the evening collapsed on the sofa watching TV?


Fatigue is a price we pay for the hectic lifestyle we lead nowadays. Individuals work for long hours and have little to no time to neither relax nor engage in some fun activities. Fatigue and tiredness would lead to stress and depression.


How to Beat Lack of Energy and Stamina


Simple lifestyle changes can lead to big improvements in energy levels. A good and balanced diet with some exercise can make your stamina soar.




Food high in carbohydrates and low in fat is the best source for energy needed by the body. Make sure that your diet would include some healthy options of food rich with carbohydrates such as brown pasta, brown rice, fruit and vegetable juice. Don’t forget to drink enough water and avoid dehydration.


Don’t Miss on Breakfast


Scientist proved that people who have breakfast the first thing in the morning would have more energy and stay alert throughout the day. Having breakfast that consists of veggie and fruit juice with a piece of toast can give you a lot of stamina. Some good recipes for energy add one spoonful or two of whey to your juice to improve the level of nutrients provided to your body. This way you are preparing your homemade healthy energy drink.


Lunch Time Tips


Stay away from junk food, coffee, energy drinks, and other food with added stimulants and chemicals. Caffeine is usually added to most of ready-made  energy drinks. Caffeine elevates your heartbeat rate and increases stress.

Having a heavy lunch would make your system busy with the digestion process and that would divert blood away from your brain and make you feel tired.




Physical activities improve your mood as they increase the level of endorphin in your brain. Daily exercise strengthens the immune function of the body and improves sleep. People who exercise regularly can handle stress better and have alert and sharp mind. Forms of exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming or any other fun activity can improve your overall the well-being. some athletes would prepare their recipes of energy drinks for higher performance. For the rest of us, a fresh and natural juice of fruit and veggies would make a great natural energy drink to keep full and hydrated.


The Setting


Try to always keep your environment well aired and lit. Keep the windows open to let in more fresh air. Put your window blinds up to lighten your space with daylight. Research proved that daylight can help improve mood and lessen stress. If you work in an air-conditioned and closed space, try to take a short walk during your breaks. Remember to take breaks and stretch your body every once in a while during the day.


Night-time Sleep


Most individuals would need around eight hours of sleep every night. If you sleep well, you won’t need energy drinks to be alert on the next day. To improve your quality of sleep and feel refreshed in the morning we suggest the following steps:


  • Have your last meal at least two hours before you go to bed
  • Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol late at night
  • Slow down before your bedtime. Take a warm bath, relax and wind down to prepare your body to switch to sleeping mode
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and comfortable to enjoy a deep and good sleep without interruption


If you follow these steps, you will be implementing the best natural alternative to energy drinks.

If you have any other tips to avoid energy drinks and improve stamina, please share with us


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