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Homemade Glycolic Acid Peel| Make Your Acid Peel at Home

Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is most notably known for it use in chemical acid peels.  It belongs to the alpha hydroxy group of acids.  In its purest form it is a common ingredient for many industrial hardcore type applications.  However, it’s most popular use is by dermatologists for skin peels.  Using glycolic acid in skin peels enhances the effectiveness of the skin peel and contributes to over all healthier skin.  There are many other benefits to its use and as such, it has become a popular treatment that is widely practiced.

However, sometimes these treatments can be costly and therefore many people dismiss the idea of a glycolic acid skin peel as a luxury.  Why pay major amounts of money for something that you can go without?  At least, that is the general thought.  The truth is you can make your own skin glycolic peel at home for pennies on the dollar compared to something your dermatologist might prescribe.

Glycolic Acid Peel Recipe
Homemade Glycolic Acid Peel Recipe


The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to use cane sugar for a homemade face peel.  Caster sugar works great for this because it is cane sugar that is ground up very finely.  The fine grind helps it dissolve most easily in your acid peel solution.  The easiest thing to do is mix one or two teaspoons of caster sugar with a home recipe.


Another thing to remember, caster (cane) sugar is not the same thing as glycolic acid.  However, glycolic acid peel is derived from cane sugar.  As a result, using caster sugar in your glycolic acid skin peel is the closest thing to using the real thing.  It will also give you very similar results as compared to those costly skin peels that your dermatologist performs for hundreds of dollars.


Now that we have that out of the way, a few other things to consider.  Remember to mix in some fruit with your acid peel to enhance the overall effectiveness of the peel.  Fruits such as strawberries, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and papayas work well because they have a high acidity content.  Mix one tbsp of juice from any of the suggested fruits with your recipes, along with your caster sugar, for a peel that will literally cost you pennies.

The benefits are amazing.  Your skin will look healthier and feel fresher after your homemade glycolic acid peel.  They way it works is pretty incredible stuff.  The glycolic acid breaks down the top layer of skin cells to reveal the next layer underneath.  Once it is exposed you may look as if you have been burned a bit, but that is ok.  Nothing to worry about.  In a couple of days you skin should have an even tone.


The top layer of skin is held together with the top layer of cells like a bad type of glue.  The glycolic acid skin peel literally burns off that top layer to expose a new layer of clear, beautiful skin underneath.    Your face will glow, and you will naturally appear younger.  You will also love the fact that you did not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars needlessly for a professional glycolic acid skin peel.


Nothing beats a little ingenuity and hard work.  If you are willing to put in the work and gather the right ingredients, you could have enough material to make skin peels for many months if you desire.  However, you really only need two to three treatments per year, if that.  The smart thing to do is go to your dermatologist and get his or her recommendation.  Once you have that knowledge, go gather enough ingredients to make the required amount of skin peels.  One more word of caution.  Be sure to wear an appropriate full spectrum spf sun screen after your treatment.  After, all It would be a shame to burn your new skin!

Quick Acid Peel Recipe:

Try this homemade chemical peel made out of ingredients from your kitchen!

1/4 cup fine granulated white sugar cane

1/4  cup of plain yogurt

The mix will be similar to a glycolic acid lotion. Apply to your face but avoid the area around your eyes. Wait for 20 minutes before washing your face with lukewarm water.

Unlike professional clinic and spas peels, homemade facial peel might need to be applied again within 2 weeks and might take several applications before seeing significant results. But if cost is an issue, then the homemade alternative is worth a try.

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