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Juicing Recipes for All Occasions

Do you have the right juicing recipes? Whether you’re only having meals at home or having a celebration, juices should never be absent in any occasion. Not only do juices serve as refreshments, they also contribute to our physical well-being.

Children love the taste of fresh sweet juice. Tasty juice is something to consider when trying to improve BMI for children and adults. A mixture of fruits and vegetables juice is healthier and lower in calories indeed, but if you are just starting to add fresh tasty juice into your diet or if your child would not drink the vegetable juice, fruit juice would be something that most of children and adults would be able to love.You can start adding a little of vegetables gradually for variety and for added benefits.

Several juice brands are available in the market but most of them contain other chemicals that become causes of several diseases. There are some juice brands in the market, such as Jamba Juice and Pressed Juicery that claim to be real whole fruit. If you want to be sure that the juices you drink are naturally made without the presence of harmful chemicals, you can try these fresh juices that beat belly fat for a healthier body. Nothing beats homemade juice, it is cheaper and fresher. Here are some recipes for fresh juices that beat belly fat

Lemon-lime Ginger Ale

Yield 2 servings
100 calories per serving

2 sliced apples
1/2 inch ginger
juice of 1 lime lime and  juice of 1/2 lemon
1 1/2 cup  sparkling mineral water.

Juice the apple and the ginger together first, and blend the other fruits afterwards. restrain the juice. Pour the sparkling mineral water on top of the fruit juice mix.

Mediterranean Sunshine Juice

Yields 2  servings
105 calories per serving

2 Gala apples
1 ripe peach
1 apricot
1 cup of water

Remove stones from peach and apricot and cut the apples into quarters. Blend the three fruits together in the blender with water. You can add ice and serve it chilled.


Blueberry Fun Mix

Berries don’t only make the best bread recipes but also the sweetest fruit juices.

Yields 3 servings
70 calories per serving

3 oz of blueberries
2 oz of cherries
1 apple

Wash all fruits and remove the seeds from the cherries. Core the apple and cut into chunks. Put all the fruit in the blender. This juice is served best when chilled.



Apple Pineapple Colada

If you’re into cocktails, this juice is perfect for you.  Children friendly recipe

Yield 2 servings
175 calories per serving

½ cup apple juice
½ cup pineapple juice
½ cup crushed ice
½ cup light coconut milk
½ tsp Vanilla extract

Blend everything together


Sparkling Tropical Fruit Juice

This fruit juice is best for people who are trying to lose weight and eliminate belly fat and  improve BMI in a fun way!

Yields 2 servings
100 calories per serving

1 peeled kiwi
1 peeled and sectioned seedless orange
½ sliced mangoes
1 cup of sparkling mineral water

Simply put all the ingredients together in the blender and pour in a glass. Top it with the sparkling mineral water.


Heavenly Nectar Recipe

Make sure to sue organic and well ripe nectarine for this fruit juice recipe.

yields 2 servings
100 calories per serving

½ cup of raspberries

1 peeled and sectioned orange

1 pitted and sliced nectarine

Blend them together and serve cold.


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