Oh, My! Jamba Juice Recipes that Justin Bieber Loves

I have been thinking about a post of Jamba Juice Recipes for Bieber’s fans for a while. Is that a coincidence? Justin Beiber has been spotted for the second time smooching with his GF, Selena Gomez while waiting for their  in a smoothie spot! Hot spot indeed!JustinBieber

I am not sure what flavor of Jamba Juice they were having. News has it that his favorite Jamba Juice flavors are Pink Starburst Smoothie, Sour Patch Kids Smoothie, and Mango Tango Smoothie.


Jamba Juice Recipes

Here are the Jamba Juice Recipes.  They are easy to make and can serve as a juice cleanse too. Just put all ingredients n a blender and blend away.  Serve cold


Pink Starburst

(Original size)


6 oz Soy milk

6 oz lemonade

1 scoop of zero fat Frozen Yogurt

1 scoop of Raspberry Sherbet*

1 scoop of Sorbet

2 Frozen Strawberries cut into quarters


(Original size)

12 oz Lemonade

2 oz Blueberries

2 oz Lime sherbet

2 oz Pineapple sherbet

2 oz Raspberry Sherbet

2 oz Orange Sherbet



Tango Mango

(Original size)


8 oz Orange juice

4 oz Lemonade

4 oz Strawberries

2 oz Mangoes

2 oz Pineapple Sherbet

2 oz Lime Sherbet

You can also try another good Jamb Juice recipe just for fun

Pomegranate Berry Blast (Original size)

6 oz Pomegranate juice

6 oz Orange juice

2 oz Strawberries

2 oz Blueberries

2 oz Mangoes

2 oz Raspberries

2 oz Orange sherbet



For a home-made and healthier alternative, make your own sherbet by mixing

2 cups of hot milk with

2 spoons of honey

1 cup of fresh fruit juice (without seeds or pulp)

Juice of half a lemon

Stir the honey into the hot milk and make sure it is dissolved completely.

After the cooling down the milk, add the fruit juice, lemon juice

Freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker to get the desired consistency

Before serving, mix the sherbet with a bit of low fat whipping cream

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, freeze your sherbet in a plastic container. Make sure that you stir the mixture regularly else you will have crystallized ice in it and your sherbet won’t be smooth

Sorbet is made in the same way like sherbet but without dairy products, hence it gives you less calories. Use water instead of milk.

If you have any more Jamba Juice recipes that you would like to share, please send it to me and I will add it.

Have a great Justin Bieber day 🙂

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