5 Tips to Combat Hitting the Weight Loss Plateau

It is a very common feeling to feel frustrated when you hit the wall in your weight loss progress, even though you’re working nonstop on your plan. Such plateaus are inevitable and there is a scientific explanation for them. For vital body functions; inhalation and exhalation, blood pumping through the heart, and removal of waste through the kidney, all these functions require energy. This energy is proportionate to the body mass.

As you lose weight the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at normal level will be reduced. If your continue taking in the same number of calories as you were taking in at the beginning of your dieting program,  there will be an excess of energy that the body will not need, hence it will treat it as over eating! You will not lose any more weight. In fact, you might start gaining a bit more if you did not adjust your diet and weight loss plan.

Here are the 5 tips to beat hitting the plateau;

1)    Add on your resistance training; by adding muscle mass to your body, you will be consuming more calories.

2)    Start a journal to keep track of what you are eating; Diet journals allow you to keep a detailed record and track everything you put into your mouth. Look for places where you can cut back on calories—salad dressings, spreads, sauces, croutons, and condiments

3)    Increase your protein intake and lower carbs in your diet even more; Higher protein intake coupled by exercising would increase the muscle mass and hence, will burn more fat. Try some of our healthy Jamba Juice Recipes

4)    Change your exercise routine and your diet at the same time; If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, your body will “know” what to expect and will adjust your metabolism according to your usual diet and work out program.

5)    Feel comfortable in your skin; Reassess your weight loss goals and weather you need to drop a few extra pounds. If you have reached a health weight for your body and decided to stop there, you will need to turn your focus on maintaining you weight where it is now.

Stay motivated and track your progress. Focus on being healthy and not becoming thin and you’ll be sure on your way to lose all that belly fat.



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