Had Enough of Calories Math?

 Juicing Recipes – How Many Calories?

For some of us, calories counting could become an obsession and a burden on one’s life. We all want to enjoy the food we love while balancing a healthy and moderate way of living. Some would refrain from juicing recipes that has fruit in the mix. The reason why fruit are shun by some people is the sugar content they have. While this is true,  you can always balance this out by adding more veggies to the mix.  A good proportion would be 80%  veggies to 20% fruit.

Also try to remember, women body goes through a lot of changes after menopause. Extra pounds that compile because of menopause weight gain. It becomes of battle to be able to stay in shape yet maintain a healthy diet.

Here are some basic diet tips for everyone who wants to eat simply and well without counting every calorie they take in:

  • Adopt a wide selection of whole foods. Whole foods are good for you if taken in moderation and balance.
  • Maximize your consumption of red, orange, yellow, green and other brightly colored, veggies that contain high fiber
  • Foods that are rich in complex carbs, phyto-nutrients and good fats should not be neglected.
  • Lessen your consumption of foods high in sugars, white processed flours, and deep fried foods.
  • Increase your intake of leafy plants and legumes to substitute the cut back on carbs.
  • Drink plenty of water and natural juices. Make sure you stay hydrated without drinking artificially flavored beverages or alcohol containing drinks,
  • Shop smartly and put in mind quality over quantity and invest the majority of your food budget in nutritious choices.
  • Check out some of our  free and healthy juicing recipes and learn to cook well enough that you can prepare satisfying and healthy dishes you enjoy.

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