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In order to understand the importance of skin tags removal, it is important for you understand what  skin tags are, what causes skin tags and skin tag removal at home.  Skin tags come in various types such as accordion cutaneous papiloma, pepiloma colli, soft fibroma, and Templeton skin tags. These tags can appear on any part of the skin, but mostly they appear in areas where skin rubbed with skin’ such as the groin, under the breasts, eyelids, and neck.  So just what exactly are skin tags?  They are overgrowth of skin that mostly affect middle age men and women.  These growths occur when the epidermal skin overlaps with the dermis area of skin.

So how do you go about removing skin tags?  Well let’s take a look at their causes first so we can better understand what is involved with removing one of these pesky eye sores.  The cause of the abnormal growth of skin is still not completely known.  That makes you feel real good if you have one huh?  Some skin experts believe that the repetitive friction of the skin on skin is a major cause of their development. Though middle aged people are the prime victims of this skin abnormality, there are cases  reported among children and young adults. Pregnant women, and overweight persons are more likely to become the victim of skin tags, and subsequently they need skin tag removal more than other people.  According to recent research, skin tags can also be a genetically inherited trait.  Bottom line, the causes are really unknown, we just understand the process of how they develop… and no one is excluded from getting one.

 What Causes Skin Tags

Skin tags on face, neck and other parts of the body are quite common. Women are more likely to need skin tag removal than men.  This is due to one major gender difference.  Pregnancy.  In women, these skin abnormalities occur during hormonal changes in pregnancy.  Therefore, more women develop and need treatment for skin tag removal than men.  On the other hand, skin tags in men are developed for different reasons.  These are things like using condoms, urinary problems, wearing extra tight underwear, and sexual activity. Again, we do not really know why they develop, these are just assumed causes.  We do understand the biological process of how they develop though,  that brings us to the following conclusion… these types of skin abnormalities are harmless.  Yet, because of their appearance, men and women are usually alarmed when they develop one.  Once you have a skin tag, you obviously want to know how to get rid of it.  You want to know about effective skin tags removal.


Skin Tags Removal Options:

Skin Tags Removal
Skin Tags Removal

There are a two basic types, skin tag removal at home and surgical option.  Most of the people prefer a natural solution over the surgical solution as nobody wants to cut the skin of the sensitive areas of the body.  Also, natural removal methods tend to be much cheaper.

Even though these tags are absolutely harmless, but they are considered to be in the same call as skin tumors. Hearing about a tumor often creates a scary feeling.  Research has proved that these skin growths are absolutely non cancerous. For normal skin tags you don’t have to visit the doctor, but if it grows larger or starts bleeding,  you should your doctor immediately and see if surgery if this is a tag or some other more serious type of skin abnormality.

Most often, through surgery they will freeze the tag and cut it off.  Also, they may burn them off with a laser or some other cauterizing method.  Sometimes they may simply deaden the area and clip it off.  Natural methods usually involve some cream or ointment that you apply to the affected area.  Over time these compounds are supposed to dissolve the tag.  Whatever method you choose, it is comforting to know that you do not have to live with skin tags.


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