Smoothie Diet (Red)

Are you considering a smoothie diet? Do you want to know how to prepare a smoothie?  You don’t need to crack your brain about it. All you need is to get the best fresh ingredients and every good kitchen tools.  Basically, you’ll need a good blender to make a lush and refreshing smoothie that you can enjoy drinking and using to lose weight fast.

Smoothie Diet Recipes


Rest assured smoothie diet recipes abound. Yet, there is no single formula on how to prepare a smoothie.  You can easily locate a recipe online or you can try out some recipes by yourself.  Mixing veggies with fruit is a must to have a healthy smoothie with fewer calories. You can start by having 50% of your ingredients in veggies and the rest in fruit. Try to gradually increase the vegetables to 80% of the total combination.
Children Love Smoothies
The easiest thing to have children get enough fruit and veggies in their diet is to offer to them in form of chilled smoothie. Children love colors and you might want to consider smoothie recipes by colors. A smoothie diet can be prepared with a variety of ingredients. If you want to prepare one with red colored fruits and veggies, you need to have the following ingredients: Tomatoes, beet, red cabbage, red bell pepper, water melon, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and other healthy fruits. You can also use hibiscus tea tor ice cubes and give a beautiful red color and interesting flavor.

Health Benefits of a Smoothie Diet

There are many health benefits associated with drinking smoothies made from fresh vegetables and fruit. No matter what you include in the combination, you are getting a lot of vitamins and minerals that adults and children need to have a healthy body and much energy. Meanwhile, there are some specified recipes you can use in preparing red colored smoothie. A good number of such recipes are available online.

Diabetic Diet

If you have a lot of fruit in your recipe, your juice will be high in sugar.If you have any chronicle health issues or if you have imbalanced blood sugar problems, you should consult with your family doctor. On the other hand, you can locate a good dietician who can help out. The dietician will give you clues on the right proportion of fruits and veggies to be used. Apart from this, you can try out some recipes yourself. All you need is to make do with the veggies and fruits you can find in the grocery store or farmers market.

Tips for Best Results

  • Purchase only fresh veggies and fruits and try to buy organic products if you can get them at a good price
  • Don’t add sugar, use a few drops of honey to sweeten your drink
  • Take your time to wash you fruit and veggies. Some must be scrubbed with a knife or a brush in order to remove the dirty parts
  • Cut your fruit and veggies into chunks for easier blending
  • Blend your smoothie with crushed ice to chill it
  • You can use mint or other herbs to garnish your smoothie diet recipe and make it more interesting
  • Serve it immediately

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