Tango Your Way to Fitness and Health:

The Mayo clinic researchers have found that dancing can burn more calories than dancing or cycling for the same amount of time. Of course speed and duration still remain an important factor in how much the body benefits for the exercise. Yet, dancing provides exceptional health benefits to body and mind.

Another study for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute find that dancing can lower the risk of coronary heart disease, decreases blood pressure, and increases endurance.

Solo dancing proved to be healthy, but dancing with a partner proved to provide more. It comes with mental challenges that are crucial to the brain health.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people who engage in social dancing activities at least three times a week had a 75% lower risk of dementia than those who did not.

Dancing does not only increase serotonin levels and blood circulation in the brain, but also decreases loneliness, stress and depression.

Different types of dancing, burn different number of calories; for the same amount of time, Aerobic dancing seem to burn the highest number of calories and the Swing dancing the lowest. All other forms of dancing are in between.

Physical benefits aside, dancing has a way of brightening up a person’s day. As we are heading closer to a holiday season, seize the opportunity and have fun in your tango, waltz, samba, or belly dance.Celebrate being well and stay fit for the New Year!

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