The Diet Solution

Not all diet programs created the same. Some diet plans are very expensive and deliver nothing but unhealthy eating habits, others, advocating eating so little and spending long boring time at the gym on a treadmill. “The Diet Solution” isn’t one of those plans.

“The Diet Solution” is extensive guide that will help users lose unwanted fat while building muscles and staying healthy.

The author of the book, Isabel De Los Rios, is a personal trainer and a nutrition expert with over 10 years experience. Her 99 pages ebook, “The Diet Solution”, outlines a program that combines healthy eating and life style; science and good common sense.
The Diet Solution Program comes as a result of extensive study, observation and persistence. As a result, the program is one of the most balanced and thorough programs dedicated for weight loss.

De La Rios’s diet program is not a fad weight loss program and it doesn’t follow the mainstream. The Diet Solution Program’s goal is to increase ones energy and vitality at the same time.


So, what can you expect to get when you read “The Diet Solution?”
The book is easy to read and follow. The author explains clearly the regime to follow and how to drop weight and keep it away. It is a step-by-step guide and includes meal plans, Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss, healthy recipes, shopping lists and many tips.

“The Diet Solution” program is an action plan for dieters to adopt healthier eating patterns and integrate them into a lifestyle. This is the only way to really sustain the loss and keep the extra pounds away for good.

In addition to helping people shed fat, this diet program helps through healthy eating and exercise to decrease blood sugar, increase the level of energy, lower cholesterol levels and overall body’s well being.

lose-bely-fatWhat Makes the Diet Solution Program work?

This guide uses a special approach that starts from the foundation of the weight loss theory:


  • Takes a psychological approach; she uses motivation to put readers in the right state of mind. She emphasizes the importance of believing in their own efforts, abandon negative thoughts and get committed. She encourages the reader to use positive affirmations to set goals.
  • Uses a non rigid way in designing diet plans; she acknowledges that people are different and hence, need personalized approach in weight loss. To ensure that readers have a program that is customized to their exact needs, she helps the readers in identifying their metabolic type, creating personal meal plans and selecting the best foods for the individual.
  • Gets down to the basics; the author discusses each of the food groups and a number of specific foods in depth. She provides many details about which food to take and which to avoid.

In addition to the ebook, the program provides Action Steps to help readers make and reinforce good changes in their lives.

The book doesn’t give a detailed workout plan. Yet, the author recommends a balanced exercise program that includes cardio, strength training, and interval training put together.

If you’re ready to make a meaningful change in the way you eat, look and feel, The Diet Solution is for you. This guide will walk with you every step of the way and help you turn good nutrition into a daily habit and a life style that you can live with.



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