Weight Loss Tips for Kids

Obesity in Children – How to Lose Weight for Kids

Children obesity is an epidemic.  More kids are struggling with their weight and it shows.  This is bad news.  If you have overweight children now, statistically they will be overweight as adults.  As a parent, you want to keep that from happening at all costs.  Here are a few weight loss tips to help manage your kids weight.

First, you need to be a good role model.  You are what you eat means; I eat what I see you eat if you are a child.  All the weight loss tips in the world will not help with your child’s obesity if the constantly see you making poor food choices.  You may not be doing it all the time.  You might just be eating poorly in front of them.  No matter the case, your food liberties become their food license.  The most effective food weight loss tip is to be a good role model for your children.


Another great weight loss tip is to simply watch what your child eats.  How many times do you feed your kids fast food for convenience sake instead of taking a few extra minutes to prepare a healthy option?  It really does not take that long to prepare a great nutritious lunch for your child.  If you have to eat out, many fast food restaurants now have health options like fruit and veggies that can be substituted for fries.  They also have better drink choices too.  Take this weight loss tips to heart, and take time to read the menu before ordering.


Now let’s take a look at what to do at home.  One of the most basic weight loss tips and yet one of the most overlooked is this… take back the fridge!  As your children get older they may not pay heed to your wise weight loss tips.  Your answer to that is to take control.


Let your children know what foods they can and cannot eat at certain times.  The last thing you want to happen is to come home from work to an empty box of Oreos because your kids were hungry and could not wait for dinner.  You might also try portioning out their snacks.  Divide up cookies, chips, and the like into smaller plastic sandwich bags.  Allow them to eat only what is in the bag.  Once they are finished, that’s it.


A novel weight loss tip that might be equally effective as taking back the fridge is education.  Letting your kids know why you are the food guardian of the kitchen goes a long way to discourage poor eating choices.  Get some books that let them understand how food works.  They need to understand not only what their body must have to be healthy, but also which foods contribute to poor health and digestion.


Finally, and this should be a no brainer weight loss tip, get rid of junk food.  If you have a problem tightening the reigns in the kitchen, this weight loss tip might be the answer for you.  The premises is simple.  If bad food is not in your house, it will not be eaten.  Yoda and Mr. Miagi could not have said that better.  Now I understand that might be hard for you to do if you love snack cakes and the like, but your child’s health is worth culling the sugar from your cupboard.  If you must have your sweet tooth fix, hide some goodies in your closet.


One word about drinks before we are finished.  Fruit juice is one of those sneaky culprits that masks as healthy kids diet, but can actually cause your child to gain weight.  Too much apple juice will pack on the pounds.  It is true that fruit juice contains simple sugars which are quite easily broken down by our  bodies… if you are an adult.  Children’s bodies are not that efficient at breaking down simple sugars; their bodies store the energy as fat.  That’s a no no.


The bottom line is we all want our children to be healthy and live a full life.  They are not capable of making proper eating choices all the time so these weight loss tips are designed for you, the parent, to use.  Use them regularly to help your child maintain a healthy size.  That might be the best weight loss tip yet.

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