Lose Your Tummy with Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises to Lose Tummy Fat

You can lose your tummy with yoga exercises! Yoga can also help you relieve stress, improve your posture and develop strength and balance. Nowadays, many people realize the benefits of yoga and practicing it is a trend. Apart from giving peace of mind and lifting up the spirit, it is a good exercise for losing weight. Practicing Yoga regularly and making it a habit can affect our lives in a positive way. However, Yoga’s real benefit lies in doing it in a right way. Experts recommend starting from the basics before leaning and doing the hard stretches and steps.
Yoga exercises is a healthy long term option to lose weight without dieting and fasting. The first principle of yoga is eating healthy and nutritious diet. Healthy food and yoga exercises work together to achieve the desired results of a flat belly and a great figure. Yoga results are not attained fast but they lasts for a long period. Weight loss with Yoga exercises provide a holistic cure rather than losing weight artificially through medicines and surgeries.


If the yoga exercises are practiced under the supervision of a yoga teacher and all moves are done right, then the benefits are maximized. The main cause of the fat in the body is improper functioning of the liver. The liver cleanses the blood and processes all kinds of fats whether good or bad. A healthy liver job is to detoxify blood, break down hormones, digest fat buy producing bile, and store essential vitamins, minerals and iron. There are many postures to keep the liver strong. Here are some of the most practiced yoga exercises for shedding weight quickly.

Lose Your Tummy with Yoga Exercises


Bhujangasana (cobra pose) :-cobra pose- Lose Your Tummy with Yoga Exercises

In this yoga pose the legs and hands are placed on the floor, lifting the chest upwards. This stretch helps revitalize and stimulate the liver. When abdominal walls are stretched the effect is also transferred to the liver, which helps increase blood flow to this area of the body.

Dhanurasana (bow pose) :yoga bow pose-Lose Your Tummy with Yoga Exercises

The bow pose Yoga exercise shifts all the body weight to the belly and the legs are lifted in the form of a bow by grabbing the feet with the hands. This yoga pose is effective in weight loss, improves the function of liver, pancreas, and intestine.

Chakrasana (wheel pose):wheel pose- Lose Your Tummy with Yoga Exercises

In this yoga exercises the whole weight is put onto hands and feet. Then you pull the body upwards in the form of a bow. This gives pose strengthens arms and legs muscles. Additionally the stretch in wheel pose helps you remove fat buildup from your oblique area. If you practice this pose regularly, you may notice a slimming effect!

Bakasana (crane):cranepose

The yoga exercises focus on balancing body weight on the arms and wrists. The spine also stretches during this exercise and abdomen organs are strengthened.

Sarvangasana (shoulder stand):shoulder stand yoga exrecises

In this pose legs and lower body are lifted making the weight to fall on the shoulders and upper body including neck, upper arms and head. This exrecise improves blood circulation, metabolism and helps in balancing hormons.

Yoga exercises when practiced correctly help you lose tummy fat and have no negative effect on the body. Start doing Yoga Exercises, you will not regret it!.

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