Home Remedies for Eczema

In order to learn how to treat eczema, we need to understand what is eczema. eczema causes and how it affects a person? Eczema is a skin disease that irritates the outer layer of skin. However, the severity of eczema varies from one person to another. In normal cases, eczema causes itchy rashes which are minor in nature. In severe cases it can create sores which require bandaging. The main cause of eczema is allergy because of food or other foreign material. To actually treat eczema you need to  identify the root cause of your allergy, and make adjustments in your diet to get rid of the actual cause of the allergy. However, home remedies for eczema are effective enough to provide short term relief from this medical condition.  Besides home remedies, there are a number of other medical treatments including eczema cream, pills, and steroids also available on the market for treating eczema. Following are a few popular home remedies for eczema:

Vitamin E Oil

There are vitamin E capsules which are available on the market that you can simply break open and rub on your skin. Avoid synthetic vitamin E to get the best results.  Also read the label before purchasing to make sure there arwe no other additives present.


Aloe Vera Gel

You can use aloe vera gel to mix with vitamin E in order to treat  eczema symptoms. In this treatment, it is important to use the gel of fresh aloe Vera leaves to get the best results.


Organic Coconut Oil

When we discuss home remedies for skin eczema, we cannot avoid the importance of organic virgin coconut oil. This shows much better results even then expensive creams that are offered by dermatologists. Coconut oil


Organic Cucumber

Cut a cucumber into small slices, and soak them for 2 to 3 hours. After filtering the liquid, you can apply the slice to the affected places of the skin. The cooling effect of cucumber makes it a good choice to ease the discomfort cause by different types of eczema.


Flower Power

In this remedy, you have to make tea from a marigold flower called Calendula. Include 4 to 6 drops of lavender essential oil. This creates a mixture that you need to apply on the affected areas of your skin twice a day.  Easy enough for skin eczema!

eczema in children


Honey is the nature’s gift that has antibacterial, as well as antiseptic properties.  As such, it is  extremely effective in various kinds of skin problems including eczema treatment. You can apply honey directly on the skin, or make a scrub out of it and use it that way. This is a good option for eczema on face.


Organic Carrots

Skin at least three organic carrots, and mash them after boiling. This will create a paste which you can apply to the affected areas of your skin. (make sure it is not scalding hot before you use it) Keep the paste on your skin for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse it fresh water. It will give you immediate relief.


Chamomile Tea

Another home remedy for eczema is chamomile tea which you can actually get by using fresh herbs. After steeping it for 15 minutes, apply it to the eczema affected areas. Repeat at least once daily.


These are just a few of the many effective home remedies used for treating eczema. However, the importance of medical treatment is not lessened by these remedies. You have to take prescribed medicines in order to effectively treat your eczema.  These remedies are only suitable to provide immediate relief, or, can be used in conjunction with your medicined if you think that your medicine is not providing you the desired results. Remember, with eczema, you will feel inflammation of the outer layer of your skin,.  That is a sign that you need to get some relief quick. Use one of the above mentioned home remedies for eczema give you the relief you need.

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