Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss, a Fountain of Health to Help Lose Belly Fat

Have you tried all kinds of diets that simply didn’t suit your lifestyle? Are you feeling frustrated because no matter how much you exercise or weight loss recipes you used, you don’t seem to be losing weight? Are you looking for something easy and fun and can promote healthy eating habits for the whole family? Then natural vegetable and fruit juicing is for you. Check our Juicer Recipes

 Where Did This Belly Fat Come From?

We all gain weight because of our bad eating habits. The hectic lifestyle of western society is forcing most of us to ingest a lot of junk food that we already know is not good for health. On top of the high caloric value of the fast food, all these processed products have additives and artificial flavors that disturb the chemical balance of the human body internal system. Ingesting this type of food increases the level of acidity in the blood. The body response to this imbalance is to store the excess acid in fat cells in a form that makes it difficult to burn the fat and convert it into energy when needed. The area where this excess fat is stored, as you probably guessed, is around the belly area, around internal organs and in form of cellulite in the thigh and buttock area.


Why Juicing Veggies and Fruit Makes You Lose Belly Fat?

You will need to restore your system’s acid/ alkaline levels to the healthy levels by increasing your alkaline intake through alkaline rich diet.
Fresh fruit and veggies is the best option for a natural way to elevate alkaline level in your blood while having weight loss cleanse. Unfortunately, some of these healthy alkaline sources are not palatable for everyone, especially children.
Can you imagine one of your kids asking you to have a kale and spinach salad sprinkled with garlic and lemon?  No Way!
The choice is to mix these bland tasting foods with fruits to add some sweetness to the combination. Hence, you and your kids will be able to enjoy the nutrients of the veggies mixed with fruit taste. Just use your Jack Lalanne Juicer and juice away.

Vegetables and Fruit Smoothie Vs. Vegetables and Fruit Juice?

When you put vegetables and fruits in a blender you are making a smoothie recipe. A smoothie maintains all fiber from fruits and vegetables. Fiber is good for your digestive tract health. A juicer on the other hand would produce a juice with very little fiber in it. Individuals, who need to increase their fiber intake, would benefit from a good blender. Bad eating habits leave most of us with compromised digestive system That cannot absorb all the nutrients from the natural foods. The nutrients rich juices out of a juicer get absorbed faster and go directly into the bloodstream, making it possible for the body to benefit more of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes that are essential for body’s cells.


Why Jack Lalanne Juicer?

There are many juicers available in the market; my personal preference is Jack Lalanne Juicer. It is powerful, quiet, and easy to clean. Of course, there are many other brands of juicers in the market, but if you’re looking for durability and good value for your money, Jack Lalanne Juicer is your best bet.


How Do I Make a Diet Plan out of Veggies and Fruit Juicing?

After consulting with a health provider, consider these tips

  • Prepare and drink vegetable and fruit juice first thing in the morning.
  • Abandon the sugar loaded types of breakfast and exchanging it with natural and fresh juices.
  • Drink Veggies juices between meals to keep your sugar levels stable and to keep yourself feeling full
  • Gradually, you might want to eliminate meals and drink juices instead. Some people decide on doing juice fasting for periods that vary between 1 day to a month.
  • Make use of different vegetables and fruit combination to get full variety of the nutrients they provide. You can find smoothie recipes here.
  • Even though this juicing plan would increase your water intake, continue drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily. Hydration helps you lose belly fat.
  • Incorporate an exercise program with your diet plan. Walking, swimming, yoga or any other form of physical activities would benefit your efforts.


How Long Will it Take Before I See Results?

We are all unique in the way that our bodies respond to diet and exercise. A person who needs to lose 10 pounds could definitely need less time to start to see results within a couple of weeks, while heavier person would need more time. Think of juice fasting as a pleasant activity that you can share with your family and program that could go beyond weight loss and shedding belly fat. Using you Jack Lalanne Juicer or any other brand could help you detoxify and cleanse for more energy,  glowing skin, shiny hair, healthier digestive system and more mental serenity.

I was so excited when I first got my juicer 7 years ago and used it in making juices almost everyday for the past 3 years . Do you own a Jack Lalanne Juicer?  What do you think of it and did you put it to a good use? Please comment

That was a review of Jack Lalanne Juicer

Try this recipe with any juicer you have

  • 5 carrots
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 1 peeled and sliced beet
  • 1 celery stalk
  • Honey for taste

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