Lose Belly Fat for Better Blood Circulation

A Good Reason to Lose Belly Fat

managing to lose belly fat can do wonders to your health and self esteem and on top of that, it can improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health. Researchers reported in their latest finding that losing weight around the belly area can improve blood flow and allow the arteries to expand when need be to let blood flow freely.

Lose belly fat with a low carbs diet

According to the research findings, type of diet is not relevant to the health improvement obtained from weight loss around belly area. However, a low carbs diet can deliver faster and better results than a diet with low fat intake.

How did they prove it?

The study followed 60 overweight men and women for 6 months during their weight loss journey. 50% of the participants went on low fat diet and the other 50% on a low carb diet. By the end of the 6 months the low carb diet group individuals managed to lose belly fat and dropped an average of 10 pounds more than the low fat diet group. The low carb diet group demonstrated healthier arteries and blood circulation than their counter group.

What is a low fat diet?

The basic of weight loss is that eating fewer calories would result in weight loss. Since food high in fat provide higher calories, this type of diet encourages limiting food high in fat. Many low fat diets suggest a daily intake of fat that would contribute to less than 30% of total calories. Saturated and trans fats are especially to be avoided because they make the body gain weight and they elevate the level of cholesterol in blood.

Examples of low fat diet:

All veggies diet is a low fat diet that you can follow to lose weight. Even though a low fat diet can help you lose belly fat and drop weight in general, this type of diet is low in protein and high in whole-grain carbohydrates. The general take on such diets is that they limit the intake of good fats such as omega 3.

What is a low carb diet?

According to the US Dietary Guidelines, carbohydrates intake in a person’s diet contribute to 50-65% of the total daily calories the human body needs for its normal and healthy functions. A diet that reduces carbs intake to a level less than 50-60% is considered a low carbs diet. There are three ways to achieve that;

Reduce carbs intake:

This is simply achieved by the approach of “no white food “. Eliminating white rice, white flour, sugar, and potatoes from diet would reduce the carbs intake easily.

Find your customized carbs needs:

Finding your optimum carbs tolerance can be achieved by starting with very low carbohydrates intake and then increasing the amount gradually. Your tolerance point is exactly below the stage where your carbs amount intake would cause you to stop losing weight, blood triglyceride levels are raised, carb craving is back, or experiencing diminished control over blood glucose.

Follow a ketogenic diet:

A diet with moderate protein intake and carbs of 60 gm or less daily is a ketogenic diet. In this diet the body would be burning fat rather than glucose to generate energy. The metabolic advantage of such diet plans is shown in improved stamina as the body would have access to energy source all the time from the fat available in diet or fat stored in the body.

Examples of low carb diet:

Here is a list of popular low carb diets to help you lose belly fat;
Atkins Diet
Bernstein’s Diabetic Diet
Paleo– Caveman Diet
Protein Power Diet
Sonoma Diet
South Beach Diet
Sugar Buster Diet
Zone Diet
For a low-carb low-fat diet check out the Dukan Diet Plan

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