Sure Way to Lose Belly Fat

So You Want to Lose Belly Fat?

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Men and women around the world are faced with many health issues that are inflicted because of excessive weight and abdominal obesity . Most of overweight people have tried some sort of diet or weight loss plan without achieving their goal. You may ask, why so and what is the solution?

What to Do to Lose Belly Fat for Good

Weight loss should be kept simple without complications and remember the basics; you need your calories intake to be less than the calories you burn before you start to lose belly fat.

Mental Preparation

Being mentally prepared is a crucial element in any project’s success. A goal to Lose belly fat is no different. Losing weight doesn’t come over night and it requires defining;
> Why do I want to lose weight?
> What type of plan would me most suitable for me to lose belly fat?
> When am I going to start my weight loss plan? and
> How long it will take me to get to my dream body?

To be able to lose weight; you will need to stay focused, do more exercise, adjust your eating habits and a lot of your lifestyle. Don’t complicate things or try fad diets. Just follow the basics.

Basic points to be considered when following any weight loss plans:

Calories Counting: The body loses weight when the calories ingested are less than the calories burned daily by the body. At the very start of your weight loss plan, make sure that you know where you are in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index), weight and your regular calories intake. Compare that to the healthy weight and BMI according to your age, gender, and height.
One pound of fat is equal to approximately 3500 calories. If you decrease you calories intake by 350 calories per day and burn 150 calories per day through physical activities, you will lose one pound of fat.

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Change Your Attitude and Lifestyle: If you want to lose weight, you need to say good bye to the life of lethargy. Increased physical activities and exercise are a must. Building your muscle mass will help burn more fat and improve your body shape. If you are not into cardio exercising and weight lifting, consider other forms of activities.

Example of Gym Alternatives

Yoga is good for the body and the mind.
Swimming and water walking are good form of exercise for people with arthritis, joints pain, and back problems.
Dancing is a fun activity that can help you burn weight easily.

The Onus is on You

Practicing strong will and discipline in what you eat is essential. Rule of thumb, stick to healthy diet that consists of protein, whole grains, legume, fresh fruit and vegetables and a lot of water. Did you try juice fast?

Flat abs looks better than an expanded waistline. If your goals are well set and you are mentally prepared to battle with these layers of fat, then you will lose belly fat and shedding weight will be a reality for you.

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