What Are Common Weight Loss Foods?

No matter what kind of weight loss plan you are following, there are some basic elements that are sure to be included.  Usually these boil down to two things… weight loss foods and an exercise plan. If you look around, there are various healthy foods available. However, some foods are more effective when it comes to weight loss and these weight loss foods provide quick results! Recent research has proved that the following foods are most effective in reducing your body weight:

 Most Effective weight loss foods


If you eat eggs at breakfast, you will feel fuller throughout the day.  As a result, you don’t feel the need for snacks during the day. Eggs have the same amount of calories that you would find in a bagel. Don’t limit the enormous benefits of eggs to only breakfast either. You can include this great wonder in salads and other recipes throughout your day.


Low Fat Desserts

It is always a treat to include something sweet in your diet. According to recent research, if you ban  sweets completely, you will end up overeating. Consequently you will weight. When you gain weight you release an important molecule in your brain called corticotropin releasing factor (CRF). As a result, you start feeling stressed. With that stress comes the chance that you will overeat because you are are less motivated to eat healthy.



A “slow-release”breakfast is always helpful in burning more fat while exercising. Slow release carbohydrates are essential to keep blood sugar levels under control. As a result, your body stores less fat. When you have low levels of blood sugar, you will burn more calories while working out.



When you feel hungry, snack on some almonds to feel fuller. Almonds are extremely effective in curbing hunger. You will burn more calories while you eat. Ideally you need to consume 25 to 40 almonds to curb  hunger.



One of the most effective weight loss foods is mushrooms.  They make you feel fuller, and you feel as satisfied as if you have eaten a side of beef or mutton! Mushrooms give you the same satisfaction you get from beef, but with less calories.



Apples are another type of weight loss food.  They also contain fiber. Recent research has revealed that eating fiber is an effective way of preventing weight gain.



When you eat vegetable soup at breakfast, you will eat 20 percent less calories throughout the day which makes it one of the most effective weight loss foods.


Chile Peppers

If you take a few hot chile peppers before every meal, you will feel less hungry (and slightly on fire). As a result you eat less. A study has proved that hot chile peppers are effective at killing your hunger, making you consume less calories.


A well balanced diet plays a vital role in weight loss.  We have looked at a few foods that help, but there are also a few rules to follow when choosing your diet. First, you have to avoid eating white carbohydrates in order to stop gaining weight. This can be somewhat problematic since consuming less carbohydrates gives you less energy, but you can cope with this issue by consuming a sufficient amount of calories to satiate your appetite. Also, select foods that give you more energy with less calories. Drink water as much as you can, but avoid drinking beverages that contain calories.

Finally, remember this, weight loss foods are only helpful when you are ready to change your lifestyle.   This means you need to be prepared to work beyond your diet plan.  However, that is a story for another article!

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