How to Choose Raw Food Diet That Suits You

The idea of a raw food diet is centuries old. In fact, toward the start of the 19th century the first case of curing jaundice by eating raw apples was reported. Since then, there has been a lot of research conducted on the benefits of a raw food diet. By saying raw food we mean food that is neither cooked, processed, or microwaved. Raw food is food that has also not been exposed to any kind of herbicide or pesticides.

Raw food may include vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, herbs, and seeds. The basic theory behind eating raw food is, when we cook or process any food, most of the vitamins, and other minerals are destroyed. It also becomes hard to digest the food. Though there is no concrete scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of raw food most experts agree that consuming a raw food diet is beneficial for humans to some extent.

How to Go on Raw Food Diet:

You can eat raw food a number of ways, however, a very small segment of society is eating totally raw food on a regular basis. Most of the raw fooders are only eating vegetables, fruits, and nuts, but there are some people who also eat animal products in raw form. The animal products which people consume as part of a raw food diet include unpasteurized milk, cheese, fish, and certain kinds of raw meat. Some of these foods are available at grocery stores and are marked as raw food, while some other type of raw food is needs to be prepared at home. The choices of raw foods are increasing each day as awareness regarding the benefits of using a raw food diet is starting to take root among the general public.. As a side note, besides the above mentioned foods, raw coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, herbal tea, and the squeezed juice of fresh vegetables are also considered to be raw foods.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

The benefits of a raw food diet are enormous. For example, it is extremely helpful regarding issues of weight loss. Raw food consumption provides your body with less calories as compared to cooked food, and resultantly, it becomes easier for you to burn more calories than you acquired. Some research suggests that raw food is effective in avoiding cardiovascular problems, however, there is no scientific proof available in this regard. Experts believe that raw food has a positive impact on your cardiovascular system as there are no fatty food involved in a raw diet. Some supporters of raw diets claims that raw food is good enough to control diabetes, but there is no proof available to support this claim. However, you can control diabetic related increase in body weight by using a raw diet food plan.

Rusks of a Raw Food Diet

There are some potential risks involved in choosing a raw diet like food poisoning. However, it is easy to control these potential threats attached to a raw diet lifestyle. If you go for a totally raw diet, you may face a growth problem if you are young. Therefore, you can go for a semi cooked diet to combat this problem util you are older. According to research, raw food may not be appropriate for infants and underage children.

However, if you are older consider this… if you eat raw fruits, and vegetables, there are no fats involved. That means you are at a much lower risk of gaining weight. Raw foodism is a concept that has different perceptions among dieters as some supporters prefer to take everything raw, whereas others think a total raw diet is not feasible to achieve a full growth potential. No matter how you perceive the raw food diet, it is certainly garnering global popularity!

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